Human health depends on plant and animal health, which all depend on soil health!

SoiLife Australia Commercial and Farming Applications - Soil Management in Small Crops Small Crop Farming can be rewarding when there is little or no insect damage and the crop is performing to your expectations.  The weather has been great with occasional rain leading to minimal irrigation and the market is strong for your product.

On occasions this scenario plays out but mostly you have to battle or try and control the challenges of nature facing you.

Since the early 1920’s and late 1940’s, farming globally has experienced a gradual decline in soil health. Too such an extent our major fertile soils have become uneconomical to farm leading to a potential food supply crisis.

Small cropping is a major agriculture practice facing increased management costs and losses in production.

Over the previous 100 years very little attention has been paid to biology in the soil. The practice of resting the soil was used prior to the introduction of conventional farming and this helped to build the fungi, microbes and protozoa up to a level that could provide nutrients back to the plant life above the surface.

SoilLife products synergistically assist in the conversion of trace minerals to nutrients specific to the plants needs. This is a synergistic relationship with microbes and fungi that delivers amino acids and vitamins to the plants. A healthy soil is one that is teaming with microbes, fungi and protozoa, all contributing to the health of the plant and ultimately leading to the health of the consumer.  SoiLife Australia is a LEADER in Soil Management Solutions For Commercial and Farming Applications.  

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Soil Management Stages

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SoiLife Australia can help you manage the conversion from conventional to biological farming. We work with you and your existing farm machinery to develop a successful management plan for the long term. Working with previous rainfall records, water quality and other methods to establish a soil full of life, we address the undoing of compressed clay and re-establishment of the clay as your main pantry holding trace minerals.

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