David Gourlay, Director of SoiLife Australia, says:


SoiLife Australia is the trading name for SoiLife Group Pty Ltd, a company that we set up some years ago to manufacture and distribute Integrated Soil Health & Sustainability Solutions & Consulting Services to Commercial, Farming, and Community Produce Growers & Home Gardeners throughout Australia. Our Products include an expanding range of High Performance Microbially-Balanced Nutrient-Rich Soil & Compost Builders, Water and Lawn Treatments, and an amazing Certified Organic 100% Biodegradable NEEM Plant Spray.

All of our products are scientifically-designed and tested to increase nutrient-rich organic matter, whilst maintaining a balanced diverse abundant microbial population in the soil profile. They are ideal for use by Commercial Growers, Community Garden and Landcare Groups, Councils with Green Waste, and Home Gardeners.

"When it comes to Soil Health, the simple fact is that Microbes RULE! ... Everyone should have the opportunity to be eating the most delicious nutrient-rich fresh foods ... Our powerful microbial balancing Soil & Compost Builders can be used to create balanced coherent nutrient-rich COMPOST and SOIL that helps Commercial Growers and Community & Home Gardeners maximise the yield and nutritional value of all produce," David Gourlay, Director SoiLife Group Pty Ltd.

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SoiLife Australia - Trading Arm of SoiLife Group - Bringing The Benefits of High Performance Microbially-Balanced Nutrient-Rich Soil Life and Soil Health Sustainability Products & Services To Australian Commercial, Farming and Community Produce Growers and Home Gardeners!