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SoiLife Australia PO Box 93 Murwillumbah NSW 2484
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(02) 6672-5309
0418 984 431
Miscellaneous Information:

David Gourlay, Director - SoiLife Australia

Experienced Soil Health & Sustainability Consultant

Growing up working on the family beef property, David understood many issues facing farmers concerning soil health and agriculture. David moved onto a property with his family to grow macadamias and there he continued his search for traditional ways of farming to improve soil health. Without chemicals he was determiend to turn his little bit of Australia back to how it was. Thirty years later, he and wife Janet began SoiLife Group Pty Ltd (trading as SoiLife Australia) in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. The SoiLife's core high performance products presently include Compost Builder, Soil Builder, Turf21 Lawn Treatment, and BioAquaLife Water Conditioner, all of which represent 100% Australian Innovation, Manufacturing and Ownership.

The SoiLife Australia product range is suitable for everyone, from the Urban Garden to Commercial Cropping and Compost production. Family gardens, hobby / lifestyle farms and councils are benefiting from the use SoiLife formulations. David’s philosophy is simple, it’s the living matter in the Soil that both helps store and creates Carbon and creates lush, natural, organic, nutrient and microbial rich soil, allowing maximum yield and nutrient value of the produce. Always keen to spread the message of soil health, David is available for media interviews, presentations, workshops, management plans and generally offering his expertise. Assisting David in managing SoiLife Australia's manufacturing and business activities are his wife, Janet, Col and Mike.