Why The're Simply The BEST!

Our Soil Health Sustainability Products
are the BEST because they :

  • 1. Increase your production while minimising inputs, and increase food nutrition levels, and won't wreck your BUDGET!
  • 2. Build resistance to pests, disease and weather extremes, and generate produce that is optimised for human and animal and health.
  • 3. Are based on microbial balancing science, derived from decades of scientific research into growth and sustainability in naturally occurring eco-systems.
  • 4. Gradually reduce input costs, facilitate sustainable production, and encourage the pursuit of fun and healthy urban gardening.
  • 5. Optimise assimilation of nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds from the soil for plant and food nutrient density.
  • 6. Are probiotic and promote balanced beneficial microbial activity that competitively excludes plant, animal and water borne pathogens, pests and disease.
  • 7. Rebuild soil chemistry and structure to ameliorate soil compaction and erosion and retain moisture, nitrogen and carbon (in organic matter and humus).
  • 8. Purify salinity, balance pH and support decomposition, assimilation and neutralization of oxidative, toxic and odour-causing substances in soil and water.
  • 9. Build sustained soil fertility, and reduce toxic emissions such as N2O, CO2, CH4.
  • 10. Ideal for potted plants, garden beds, shrubs, trees, vegetables, home gardening and commercial production.


SoiLife Australia's Soil & Compost Builders

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