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Here's what our Soil Health Expert, David Gourlay, has to say about SoiLife Australia's core products ...

"SoiLife Australia is dedicated to supporting the health and sustainability of our Community, the ‘Natural Environment’ and Agricultural production, all of which depend on soil quality, nutrition and coherence for survival. The secret to sustainable land use is to create and maintain biologically active, living soil with a balanced, abundant and diverse population of microbes and trace minerals."
To support our vision, SoiLife Australia is the exclusive provider of a new top quality Soil Builder and Compost Builder, developed with advanced microbial balancing science, that can be used in commercial, community and domestic applications to stimulate Sustainable Soil Health and optimize overall Yield Quality and Output. We also offer professional soil health enginieering consulting services to assist in evaluating your specific needs and recommending and implementing optimised solutions for all of your Soil Health needs. SoiLife Australia products and services are cost-effective and of the highest quality, and are available for online purchase right here through our SoiLife Australia Store, along with a range of beneficial soil enhancement water conditioner, sea mineral and other products.