For the clever Urban Gardener who really wants healthy, nutritious food, glorious flowers and sustainable growth, our products cover it all. Especially when soil quantity is limited with new and space saving planting methods for potted plants, vege-gardens and even hay bale planting, we have a solution for you. The trend towards health and self sustainability, maximum production of nutrient rich food go hand in hand when you have ‘life’ rich soil. Life begins in soil, so your soil’s health is the foundation of everything. 

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"A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself!" ...  Franklin D. Roosevelt


This short tutorial presented by Planet Ark ambassador, Costa Georgiadis, explains everything you need to know about compost and worm farms for your home.


"SOIL HEALTH = PLANT HEALTH = HUMAN HEALTH": In this video, David Gourlay, Soil Health Expert, speaks about the importance of 'building life in your soil' and how it will optimise health, growth, resistance, production and nutrient density of all plants; fruit, vegetable, herb, tree, pot plant, turf or bloom. SoiLife Australia is leading a sustainable gardening/agricultural revolution. Our formulations probiotically promote the assimilation of unavailable nutrients in your soil and establish a reservoir for your plants to draw from throughout the growth cycle as needed.