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SoiLife Australia manufactures a high performance nutrient-rich mocrobially balanced liquid concentrate formulation for lawns and turf (eg, racecourses, golf courses), called Turf21, that delivers a powerfully balanced combination of nutrients and trace minerals in organic form into your soil, and manages any clay soil bed by restructuring and creating a root zone without compromising necessary compaction. Turf21 removes the guess work out of designing specific turf health programs, allowing your turf and lawn to select the nutrients it most needs through root exudation processes using targeted microbes and beneficial fungi in the organic carbon profile. For applications such as sporting fields and racecourses, Turf21 also allows for faster recovery from heavy traffic and healthy looking outcomes.

Retail Orders for multiples of 250ml, 1L and 5L (up to 20L) may be placed using the Add-ToCart buttons below. Purchases may be made using Credit Card or Paypal. Prices include GST and Shipping to most Australian destinations. A small delivery surcharge may apply to certain long distance interstate and rural/outback destinations, if necessary, and will be advised prior to order completion.


Quality nutrient-rich lawn probiotic!
Healthy lawn growth (Fairway style)
#1 Lawn Management Treatment

Shipping charges are based on packaging and handling costs, plus STANDARD APO delivery rates. Call us for higher volume (20L) pricing.

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